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Kitchen Designer - Episode 5 - Ned Jones, Senior Designer

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Rob Kircher: Well, welcome to another edition of Kitchen Designer and I'm here at the world famous...

Jim Gerard: It's world famous Rob, yeah!

Rob Kircher: ...Kitchens By Ambiance™ and the owner Jim Gerard who's also my very good friend and who's this guy over here?

Jim Gerard: Over here is Ned Jones. Ned Jones is one of our senior designers and he's been doing this a long time.

Rob Kircher: Now "senior" means...what? You really know what you're doing?

Ned Jones: Uh, kinda sorta. Hahaha!

Jim Gerard: I think Ned's been doing this over 25 years which is...almost as long as I've been...well not...well never mind.

Rob Kircher: Let's not get into that. Let's not get into that. Well this is the fun part as far as I'm concerned....where you can actually look at what a kitchen could possibly be. But I know a lot of things took place before you got to this step. And this is an actual homeowner's kitchen, right?

Ned Jones: Correct, correct.

Rob Kircher: In fact, we're gonna go visit these people next week and see their actual kitchen.

Ned Jones: Mmm hmm. (affirmative).

Rob Kircher: So, how did this whole thing start?

Ned Jones: Well, basically most clients come into our showroom. They've either done this before or they haven't. If they haven't, a lot of times they need (to be) educated on the products (the constructions, the finishes, styles, things like that). Some people have done this multiple times before. But I still find that it's good to either refresh people's knowledge or take in to consideration what they like and don't like within the use of their kitchen or their designs. It's a fact finding mission in the beginning and we try to put together their ideas along with mine in the space, appliances...all the things that incorporate a kitchen design.

Rob Kircher: Now this job is actually a pretty large job because it was not only just a kitchen, but you also did the laundry room?

Ned Jones: Correct, and master bath.

Rob Kircher: Did you work with the architect or was that process already done and then you came in afterwards?

Ned Jones: Basically they had a general contractor that came in. They removed the existing kitchen from the center of the home completely (all the walls) so it became a big open floor plan for the new kitchen.

Rob Kircher: It looks large...tell ya that right now.

Ned Jones: It's a good size.

Rob Kircher: What are we looking at right now? What is that?

Ned Jones: This is an overview of the top. This particular view is showing you a large island here was sitting about seven chairs around. You've got a sink here. This particular couple, they both cook. So this is a prep area as well as this is a prep area near the cooking triangle over here.

Rob Kircher: What a cool design. I got to say that is amazing.

Jim Gerard: I think every couple should have a his and her kitchen preps. Hahaha! Well I think they have two dishwashers too. Don't they Ned?

Ned Jones: They do. Yeah. There's one on each island. And they said that was something that was important to them. They both cook. They like to cook.

Rob Kircher: His and her dishwasher. Yeah. Love it!

Ned Jones: So we made that happen.

Rob Kircher: Now what's off to the right...where the counter continues over here?

Ned Jones: That wraps around the corner. Basically when you come in to the front door and you look right into this home, it opens up into the whole kitchen.

Rob Kircher: Oh really? So, smacks you in the face, huh? Wow.

Rob Kircher: Let me show you a little different view. So you look at this and it carries right around.

Jim Gerard: That is awesome, isn't it?

Rob Kircher: It really is awesome. So you the right, if you start there...that would be a wine cooler obviously, right?

Ned Jones: Yeah. That's your wine and serving area over here.

Rob Kircher: People love wine today, don't they? I mean they're all into having their favorite beverage. But wine coolers are popular.

Jim Gerard: Absolutely. We saw a lot of them as opposed to wine racks, you know...8 - 10 years ago we'd always incorporate a wine rack into the cabinetry. We're getting away from that and putting in a lot of wine coolers or beverage coolers.

Rob Kircher: Well, in our case, we don't age when we just drink it, whether it's in a rack or in a cooler. We just drink it. Hahaha!

Ned Jones: Doesn't stick around long!

Jim Gerard: Ain't nothing wrong with that either, Rob!

Rob Kircher: Now obviously it's pretty noticeable (but I like it) the different colors in the actual cabinetry.

Ned Jones: We've got three colors in this kitchen. The outer perimeter is a stained with a translucent. The grain of the door shows through. The cook area is a painted finish. It's a white.

Rob Kircher: That looks like it's a "bump out." Is that a bump out?

Ned Jones: It does, it bumps out and up. So it defines it as kind of a separate area. And then I tied that into the first prep island, which we can look at here. This island is white to match this section. And then the back island (the sitting island) is another color. It's a little different shade of stain.

Rob Kircher: I love that. This is fantastic. Can you go back to the shot you had before you put the two islands in there? Now can you zoom in? You CAN zoom in, okay. I'm guessing they have a vent over their cooktop but it's not hidden under there, correct?

Ned Jones: Yeah, it's not a typical canopy hood that's either wood or dry wall. It's built into the cabinets. So there is a vent that's up inside. So it works very well.

Rob Kircher: And what is that above that whole thing? What is that white...

Rob Kircher: That's a transom window that lets lighting into the kitchen.

Rob Kircher: Really?

Ned Jones: So it's not just a plain wall. It adds another element to the room.

Rob Kircher: I like that a lot too.

Jim Gerard: That's awesome. I'll be it adds a lot of nice sunlight to the kitchen.

Rob Kircher: And so off to the left, you've got (the far left) you've got what a...?

Ned Jones: A stack of ovens. And then we have a cook top and obviously a large size refrigerator here. They don't want to be looking and hunting for things when they're prepping or cooking. So I have those discussions with them, yeah.

Rob Kircher: Is stainless steel still as hot as it was or do people like to have the cabinetry, kinda disguised (if you will) what's behind it.

Ned Jones: Well you have both. A lot of people still use it (an exposed refrigerator that slides in). You can do what's called an inset look where the doors overlay and integrate with the flow of the cabinets where you really don't know they're refrigeration units. And then they also can do that with ovens, steam ovens, things that can be inset into the cabinets so it doesn't protrude out. So there's different ways to treat it depending on the style, the overall feel, and what looks right with the design.

Rob Kircher: Wow. Go back to, if you would, to where we had the islands and their shots... Actually that view there is a really good view. So that gives you a good sense for how the islands kind of mash up. So the first one is really different because it's got the darker cabinets, right? It's got the, what seven stools there. It's neat because they're kind of recessed under that. What's in front of that cabinet? What's that?

Ned Jones: Well this is all applied panel with moldings to match. It wraps around and then the countertop extends with an overhang on three sides. So you can have people sitting on three sides of the island. So it makes for a really nice conversation area as well as an eating area.

Rob Kircher: Okay. I'm gonna go to the other two rooms too because we're going to, like I said, we'll be seeing this next week. It'll be interesting to see what else they had you guys do. So that is the master, I'm guessing right?

Rob Kircher: The master bath. This particular view doesn't show it. But when we go to the home, we built a frame too that on-laid onto this wall. So it's all built to match the lower cabinets. We'll see that when we go out there as well. Yeah.

Jim Gerard: So is that like an infield modification, Ned?

Ned Jones: Yeah. Basically what happened was we put the product in that we were going to do. The client came back to me and said that the general contractor had something in mind to do up above. They sourced me to come up with an idea. So I did and they liked it. So we went ahead and did it for them.

Jim Gerard: Oh awesome!

Rob Kircher: Well it looks handsome. This is an interesting point, at least to me it is. Kitchens By Ambiance™ does more than just kitchens obviously.

Jim Gerard: We can do bathrooms. We can do laundry rooms. Once we get going with a project and we're already in there, we're happy to talk with him about all of those. Absolutely.

Rob Kircher: Cabinets are cabinets right?

Jim Gerard: Right. MmmHmm. (affirmative).

Rob Kircher: So what is the overall length? It looks large. How long would it go?

Ned Jones: Well, I've got this on give you an idea as the kitchen floor plan that was designed.

Rob Kircher: Now, I gotta tell ya something. I want you folks to see this because this is amazing. Now that is what Ned does. He draws all this stuff on this little piece of paper here, okay. But anyways that's very impressive. This represents about...this weighs about five pounds...and this represents all of the work that you did on this project.

Ned Jones: Right.

Rob Kircher: Okay folks, we're gonna be moving on. But I did want to bring that point up. But next episode, we're going to be going into the homeowner's home and we're going to be seeing all this stuff up front and personal. So stay with us.

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