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Kitchen Designer Episode 8 - Functional, modern, updated bathroom & laundry room

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Rob Kircher: Okay, so the kitchen design actually evolved into two other parts of the home. We're now in the master bath. And it also evolved into the laundry room. Now, as homeowners, what was your thoughts here? What did you want to have incorporated into this design?

Sherry: Basically I wanted room. I wanted room to make sure that I could put out all my stuff and I wanted a place where I could sit and put on my makeup. That was key.

Rob Kircher: So lighting was a big part of this as well too, right? Okay. Now it doesn't look to me like it's super bright, but normally with a makeup area you want to have a lot of intense light. Does that get brighter (that light)?

Sherry: It does.

Rob Kircher: It does, okay. Okay. So you have a his and her. So Ned what was your thoughts on all of this?

Ned Jones: Well this has changed in the sense that this is wall to wall. But prior to what we did, this had big angles in the corners. It wasn't straight wall to wall like it is now. So there were some challenges with some pipes getting moved. Initially we put the bottom set of cabinets in and then we came back and added the framing around for the mirrors and the lighting.

Rob Kircher: I love it.

Ned Jones: The sinks are 24 deep, which vanity depth's typically 21, like the sitting area. So I brought that out deeper to give 'em a little more counter, make it look different from the center. Obviously the heights, the taller heighth for standing. So it all came together well.

Rob Kircher: Well done. Well done.

Ned Jones: Now we've made our way into the laundry room and this is kind of the final leg on our journey of your project. In the laundry room, what was important to the client was your hampers, right Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Ned Jones: For storage of clothes. And we also added a pantry here for storage for you.

Sherry: Yeah, it's a small space.

Ned Jones: That's something you said you wanted. And we did upper cabinets and I believe we brought these out a little bit deeper for storage of items along with your sink at the end. So what we tried to do was bring what some white from the kitchen in here, right?

Sherry: Yes.

Ned Jones: And then the granite on your counter tops. So you've got a functional, modern, updated, laundry room.

Rob Kircher: Okay, well I think it's time for a celebration drink because this place is just so amazing. While we're doing this, I know one of the last subjects that we want to cover, which is the really most important thing is functionality.

Sherry: Well that's actually the best part of the kitchen. It has lots of features regarding functionality. I have a wonderful little spice drawer here close to the kitchen. This is all about food.

Rob Kircher: Ah I love that. I love that.

Sherry: Nice big storage here for the pots and pans which are key...for the stove. So everything functionality here is for cooking.

Jim Gerard: His and Her dishwasher but then with touch latches over've got a lot of your dishes.

Sherry: Yep. This whole island has nothing but that. So you can take the dishes from the dishwasher and put them right here into the cabinetry, which is fabulous.

Jim Gerard: How perfect is that? We run across that on occasion where ladies are concerned about reaching up high to store their dishes. So how perfect is that? You go right from here to there, right? And then you've got your cutlery drawer over here?

Sherry: Cutlery is here so everything to do with the dishes and the islands is here, over. So the cutlery is here to set the table/islands is here. Napkins and placemats are here. Again, the pull out drawers, very easy access.

Jim Gerard: Perfect, perfect!

Sherry: Our person who irons the napkins is missing. Not sure what happened to them. Hahaha! Over here, the same feature.

Jim Gerard: All your plastic ware for the pool.

Sherry: Plastic around the top because we do a lot of outdoor eating. Glass dishes are on the bottom.

Jim Gerard: How perfect is that?

Sherry: I love this feature of the pullout drawers.

Jim Gerard: That is awesome! So people are eating here...go to the dishwasher from there...and storage right there.

Sherry: The best!

Jim Gerard: That is just awesome!

Sherry: Absolutely the best.

Jim Gerard: I'd say you got a home run here!

Sherry: Cheers!

Jim Gerard: Cheers! Haha!

Rob Kircher: So Sherry is there anything that you would do differently at this point?

Sherry: I don't think so. I am so satisfied and happy with this project. I think we did a great job, all of us!

Rob Kircher: Well congratulations to you two guys.

Mark: Thank you.

Rob Kircher: To Kitchens By Ambiance™ and their amazing design capability.

Bathroom & Laundry room remodel in Collier's Reserve, Naples, Florida

Jim Gerard: Nice job Ned!

Ned Jones: Thank you.

Mark: To Ned!

Ned Jones: You were great to work with.

Rob Kircher: Okay folks, we'll see you next time on the next edition of Kitchen Designer. Bye bye.

For still photos of the Connely's kitchen visit the Collier's Reserve page in our portfolio.

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